Bridging the Gap

In today’s global climate of fear, mistrust and stereotypes, there is an urgent need to bring ordinary people together to build understanding and trust. East West Initiatives is made up of young people who seek to bridge the gap and make a difference in their world. Based in Amman Jordan, it is run by volunteers who are concerned about the stereotypes and misunderstandings they see around them, and who give their time and energy to making a positive contribution in society.

East-West Initiatives’ mission is to build relationships of understanding, trust and love between people of different cultures and faiths, and to equip young people to be agents of positive change in today’s world.


What We Do

East West Summer Forum - 2014

 YOU are invited to the fifth annual cross-cultural forum in Jordan! Organized by East West Initiatives, you have the chance to build friendships, break down cultural barriers, and take part in an experience that values human potential regardless of race, religion, or gender.

The five-day forum will gather participants from Jordan, Middle East, UK, USA, and other nations. Participants will be divided into groups, each of which will be led by a group leader. Jordanian participants will be selected from both current EWI members and new applicants. 

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